ISITDARK? investigated the sonic and personal biography of Liza’n’Eliaz. Liza, a transgender speedcore producer based in Antwerp, Belgium and on transit through rave Europe destinations from the early 90s until her death in 2001. By discovering digital traces of her life and work, aspects of sonic extremism, gatekeeping and online conservation of rave culture were identified. By revisiting the past, musical, geographical, biographical and historical- and bringing it into the present – the ENCORE group produced a series of exhibitions, panel discussions, concerts, an online platform and community forming motions. It was initiated by Tea Palmelund and Merle Vorwald.

The project continues on this platform, if you want to share interactions with or any material about Liza, please contact us:

ENCORE is working with sonic counter-culture using the divers individual energies of the group, combined by the shared influence of sonic extremism.
 ENCORE initiates exhibitions, connections, collaborations, research and performances.
Its the original members are Johannes Büttner, Ekatarina Burlyga, Bastian Hagedorn, Tea Palmelund and Merle Vorwald, founded in 2016 by Henrike Naumann.
ENCORE is a network spanning from Germany, temporally operating in various countries and online.
Its structure shifted from collective to network.
Continuity and Curation: Merle Vorwald
Digital Continuity: Tea Palmelund

“The basic idea of Gabba is, and I know that I agree with all the other Gabba DJs I appreciate, to go an extreme path to free the consciousness from annoying relics, to simulate the ultimate trip.