Is It Dark?

Is It Dark?

Hard Beats, Soft Hearts!

“Is it dark?” is a research & exhibition project to establish acronyms of fear. It will establish its headquarters as an ever moving and changing prototype lab for an exhibition and some of its experimental sonic spaces. It will result in a collaborative exhibition based on terror music.

“Now meant: Always being one step ahead.”

[Liza N’Eliaz, 1996]

(Sonic) Public

“Peace has to be destroyed to find peace again.”

[Jelle S., Frysian Gabber]

(Sonic) Terror

“Sounds that hurt- About the opening of sonic ‘Möglichkeitsräume’.”

[Bianca Ludewig]

(Sonic) Spaces – The Spiral

about wild zones/ clubs: “According to Bonz an experience of self is enabled, which is located beyond the experienceable everyday reality of the subject and at the same time obtaining the subject in the everyday reality as capable of acting. (Bonz 2013: 68)”

[Bianca Ludewig]


“What moves as a body, returns as the movement of thought.”

– opening quote “Sonic Warfare”