Is It Dark?

(Sonic) Hearts

“(S)omething significant hasn’t come in that void yet”

[Goodman 2013 @CTM Festival]

Henrike Naumann

Growing up in Eastern Germany, Henrike Naumann experienced extreme-right ideology as a predominant youth culture in the 90s. Her work reflects on the history of the right-wing terrorism in Germany as well as on today‘s broad acceptance of racist ideas. She is interested in the mechanisms of radicalization and how they are linked to personal experience and youth culture. She likes to explore the friction of contrary political opinion through the ambivalence of personal aesthetic taste. In her immersive installations she combines video and sound with scenographic spaces. Henrike Naumann

*1984 GDR


Tea Palmelund

Tea is a designer living in the digital techno sphere. In her work she examines the blurred lines between virtual and physical reality with a focus on mapping complexity.  Recently she looked at counter-tactics to digital warfare and cloud surveillance. In mixed media installations, on physical or digital site, she puts narratives of post-colonial Europe and opaque power structures on display.  She demands a political potential of aesthetics.

*1986 Denmark

Digital Designer

Merle Vorwald

Merle is a set designer, fascinated by mixing realities and fake. As a set designer for movies and video installations her work explores how to undo the reality of materials. She is driven by the aim of letting textures, props and colors define political and complex internal structures and narratives.

*1982 West Germany

Set Designer