July 07, 2018

Tea Palmelund


Tea Palmelund



Hidden Treasure


She is also older than most participants and now cultivates a psychedelic look, wearing colorful dresses hand painted by Yvette. “When you came to a party and she was there, you only saw her,” recalls Morgan, a fan of the first hour.”All these colors and his androgynous personality cut a lot in the middle. She had a hallucinatory aura, almost extraterrestrial. There were a lot of questions about her. ” [article hidden treasure/ brain mag]

Queen Tee P

Liza N’Eliaz: when hardcore had a queen
Article similar to ‘Hidden Treasure’ but with a bit more elegant writing


Finistère where liza’s radicalization/ transformation started



“Just as she did not support this nickname that had been given to her, Queen Of Terror. She did not intend to terrorize people. She saw her music as something cheerful and not at all mean, dark. She had a very cartoonesque side, too. ” (Yvette) [Liza N’Eliaz: when hardcore had a queen, TSUGI. 2016]



We took a train to BRUXELLES and discussed about this transit situation, the following idea came out of it and we called it ISITDARK? ORIGINS



and we made the connection to the initial idea of skills to abolish fear can be gathered from speedcore/ if there possibilities to come up with an resistance tool


But, quickly fascinated by the electronic sounds of synthesizers, she joined several Belgian new wave rock formations like The Honeymoon Killers, Divorce and Krise Kardiak as a keyboard. [Liza N’Eliaz: when hardcore had a queen, TSUGI. 2016]



in working on EE (ENCOREexplorer), we came up with EL (ENCORE lingual) since google translate was used a lot and made poetic sense



July 08, 2018


having a look into yvettes social media:


Merle Merle

and this interview about her life:

PERSONAL TALK: long discussion about people at the fringes of society

personal resistance tools
confidence – guards fragility// being between hiding the source to keep it save and learning from it and sharpen tools
merle sourced from a (female) tribesk run camel-farm
securing knowledge in a safe place

July 10, 2018


new challenge: travel communication

negotiating with the gallery// coming up with a structure/ idea for the gallery to combine excisting works and isitdark?




Still from GIF Sur YVETTE rave 1992.
Filmed by Michel Mullender


July 14, 2018





about the pure and Liza N Eliaz colab:

Pure + Liza N.Eliaz
(Loop 002)
While Killer Bees on Acid wouldn’t be out of place on Drop Bass Network, Tube Travel goes a step further into the unthinkable. Structures dissolve and your grip on reality loosens… it’s like when you realise the acid you took was far stronger than you thought.
Total Meltdown.
But after getting the feat you start discovering patterns of a new existence and everything becomes pleasant and wonderful in its apocalyptic dimensions. Check this out while you’re in this world. CF


CF RPG-7 (RPG-7)
This was circulating (if that’s the right word) as a white label 150 press run back in ‘95 and achieved a certain status, a three tracker with GTI, LKJ Sisters and Liza N.Eliaz in various combinations in what at the time was enormously fast modes of speedcore. In fact RPG-7 was to be the ‘breakcore’ outlet for the Toons cru producing some of the most advanced shit at the time, pillaging the CD comps of Western culture for some new formula of re-cut resistance. Why this 250 BPM fest was never released before I don’t know, it is even now a nice record after so many imitators without the contents/concepts have somewhat spoiled the fun.


Laurent Hô/ Liza N.Eliaz/ XMF/ Micropoint
[Epiteth 007]
Along with the above one of the best hardcore releases of ‘96 that came out second in the series of 3 12”s that made the tracks of the Explicit Bass Drum CD-compilation available on vinyl. The first was the Napalm 6-tracker, and the last, most recent, another 4-track compilation reviewed below, but this one is definitely the strongest of the lot. The 2 collaborations of Laurent and Liza are grinding industrial hardcore around 200 BPM, CTRL 3 an instant semi-classic at the Teknivals, a sharp distorted and powerful sound that finds its equal in Magnetic Storm by XMF opening side 2 where half-speed industrialisms are combined with a 4/4 kick at 195 and a slight infusion of acid noises. The final partner in crime is Micropoint who present one of their typical tight and tuff banging tracks, titled Return of the T-Rex.


Liza N’Eliaz/Laurent Hô
[S.O.D.O.M. 001]
S.O.D.O.M. stands for Slaves Of Devil Our Master and was a label run by Armaguet Nad in the late 90s. It never completely stopped, and after some long gaps there were two releases again in recent years, most recently – January 2016 – the number 001. While this may come as a surprise, the numbering had always been pretty random – if I remember right, the first two releases were numbers 003 and 666 (of course). Musically the label represented a particular kind of French industrial hardcore as it was coming out of a scene around Dead End Records, Sans Pitié, H.I.V. and others. Datacide 1-4 all have reviews of early S.O.D.O.M. Records, more than once ironically complaining that they were ‘half as satanic as you’d expect’, or similar. What sets the S.O.D.O.M. releases apart from the rest of the pack is that they are still now extremely sought after and still fetch three-digit prices for a 12” – if they can be found at all. This is even in an age where the prices that collectors are prepared to pay for electronic hardcore releases have tended to deflate. The reason for this is that they were always – with the exception of number 10 – limited to 250 copies.
Such an edition was undoubtedly very limited in the 90s. But these days many hardcore labels press even fewer as a “normal” run. Nevertheless, with careful management of the distribution scene, the label has succeeded in creating a hype even for the new releases that ensured they were very hard to get or even ‘sold out’ by the time of the official release date.
This latest release features two somewhat legendary figures of the French hardcore techno universe – Liza N’Eliaz and Laurent Hô. Both were instrumental in establishing the classic sound of ruff distorted 4/4 at around 200 bpm that made such a mark on the French underground scene at the time. In the case of Liza, who died in 2001, two older tracks make up the one side of the 12”, the other side show a return to hardcore by Laurent Hô under his Ingler pseudonym. The tracks are neither hugely outstanding nor a cheap rehash of the old days, they are solid and gel well, so understandably it has been swiftly picked up by collectors and fans.




Laurent Ho: “Hardcore is ultra modern”

Author: Sébastien Broquet In Featured, Listen 9 June 2014 0

The other Laurent of techno.

Laurent Hô, the esthete of the hardcore, had announced it with the double CD siglé Ingler: finished the adventure in a genre having made his fame. His new orientation was unveiled during a concert at the Conciergerie in 2002: explorations of atmospheres, position electronica. Here is the album, Soundtrack, a floating object designed by Matali Crasset where subtle and very kinetic atmospheres develop. Meet.

(Article published in Novamag in January 2004)

From a design school to an electronica album, is it a loop?

UWe155_1Electronic music, in the broadest sense of the term, is part of design. We have computer tools similar to those of graphics, and the state of mind is close to it. It’s very technical, electronics, much more than playing in a band. The ENSCI – the Workshops – is a special school, very oriented general culture, over five years. It’s open all the time: you imagine delirium, you can spend the night working on your project … It teaches you to be broad, to think about everything. Having done this school, I have a different view of the world.

Your relationship with sound in this school?

I have always tried to integrate music. By making parties, it did not work … I made my project of diploma: a CD player for DJ, it was in 1993, it did not exist yet.

A heresy!

Yes, but my CD player looked a lot like a turntable! I worked a year on it. And I made my memoir on raves, a sociological study. I started both at the same time: September, school. October, first rave.

Music before techno?

Ten years of piano, and my father was a guitarist. I have always been surrounded by instruments. Small, I wanted to work at Tekmics, designer amps. The world of appliances is mine. The night too. The raves, it was exactly the mix of everything I loved! Music above all, the sound very loud. We lit up people, not the DJ: fabulous! I started going out every weekend, mixing … Everything that came out: new beat, then techno, trance, everything was mixed, we did not specialize. I bought my records without listening, as soon as I saw a white label, I took!

And you join the hardcore in 1994.

PTHCD005A musical choice. It’s been four years since I was in techno. I like thrills when it moves. Small, I always listened to the loudest possible!

No problem with ears today?

No, not yet … Hardcore was not as violent as it is now. It was a part of techno, faster, distorted. Before techno, I listened to industrial music. I did too: we recorded by making the most noise, all mixed: sounds recorded in the studio for loops, radio, and we tapped on stuff, we amplified … Noise! This is important: when you have the culture of noise, deep, any sound can become musical, an entity that is appropriated. It becomes music. Linked with electronics, it became hardcore. It’s ultra modern!

July 15, 2018


This video really started out thought process

Report – MCM Interview


about Liza:
I never considered myself a pioneer. At the time there are already some people in place: Laurent Ho, Liza, Jérôme Pacman, the trans goa scene … The culture we are talking about was born with these people. Except that nobody spoke about it, except for a fanzine or two.




Liza mix on Rave Up / Radio FG


1 °) “Radium” comes from a title of Liza N’éliaz. I imagine it represents a strong influence for you?

Obviously! Liza’N’Eliaz was unquestionably the pioneer of French hardcore, the first to popularize this style, and to educate the public in terms of demand and refusal of musical compromises.



web from 1996/ a conference about media tactics/ with Stephan Geene and Liza in it


Report – Conference 1996


forum with a lot of flyers of raves where liza played:


Report – Flyers


Recording from Bunker, Berlin 1995

July 16, 2018


hardcore label fonts + graphic



techno parties in brittany in 96:


’93 rennes:


another mullander video, rave in paris



Tea Palmelund


massive set of laurent ho mayday 1994



article liza at mayday 93:


Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century,” in Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature (New York; Routledge, 1991), pp.149-181.


Another mysterious avatar taking over the account


liza lost in Riec-sur-Belon

July 17, 2018

The spirals on her jacket were green

day of communication:
meeting frederiek/ het bos

here is yvettes video work: https://player.vimeo.com/video/274968565

If you eat this your skin will turn deep lila

for the belgian dish on the hunt for the next ENCORE food session with Mathieu the chef: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicory#Cultivated


Report – Belgian Endives

The .net activists had a vision

another link to text collection to 90s net activism:


The plants are cultivated in total darkness

The books are made by algorithms

very important book tool for code literature: Code und Konzept



July 19, 2018


REPORT – Yvette

Liza Stickers

Stickers for Telegram: Liza N’Eliaz Epic 1

Report – Stickers

July 27, 2018

All the contemporaries

very huge part of the process: emails to Liza’s peers
Laurent Ho
DJ Dano
Geert Lovink
Stephan Geene
Laurent Mialon


Report – Emails

USA Import

Patrick Rognant
very interesting article about the antwerpen music scene:



EARLY french rave

collection about the beginnings of early french rave:


here is an article that has passages that could be intresting for us:


July 28, 2018

Future sounds

geert lovink about techno: “the future sound of cyberspace”



about brittany, the history and cultural events- the picture of liza in thights is from there


She was in Paradiso

a text about the pary at paradiso tha was part/ mentioned at the media tactics conference, found in the forum, again:

I have two specific memories with Liza.
The first was when she came to visit us, in our small apartment ’18th. At the time we had a neighbor who could not stand the noise. The poor man had inherited us as a neighbor! Liza and Yvette were at home and we listened to her latest mix. The neighbor farted a lead. He took his drill or sander or whatever tool he had on hand (he was a plumber) and began to spin the machine empty, against the wall, to cover our sound! The wall was not thick. It was a NOISE OF ENFEEER in our living room! We would have thought to Hellraiser at 3am glued to the speaker 😎 And I will always remember the head of Liza, who did not understand where the sound came from, and who hallucinated when she understood ! She even proposed to stop her mix :slightly_smiling_face: The proof that she was not a hooligan. She was a real lady. She did not like to disturb.
The second anecdote happens in Holland, during the great years of gabber. We had gone to Paradiso to listen to Liza, and our plan was to follow up with a gabber party in Zandaam. Liza had finished her mix, and we had gone backstage to tell her we were leaving. She begged us to take them, Yvette and her, away from this boring evening (the Paradiso is an old church in the heart of Amsterdam, and evenings are rather wise, not to say snobbish). We told them we were going to listen to gabber. They said ok why not. So we took them away. It was a real amateur party, a raucous evening, not like the big commercial dates that were beginning to invade the Dutch calendars. Liza and Yvette have A-DO-Ré! I see Liza at the end of the party come to thank us :slightly_smiling_face: The queen of hardcore was not sectarian. Unlike many of my French friends of the time who denigrated me because I loved Dutch hardcore, she knew how to appreciate when it was the party for real-whatever the style of zik.
My respects to you, Liza! We miss you, and we always think so much of you!


Here you might find her

the record shop that may have some leads:


July 29, 2018


an aesthetic we are close to, a depiction that leads away from it


A jackhammer instrument

talks about the jackhammer, how it can be translated into the Liza universe?
here are the elements that we were talking about:


how to combine it with elements liza?
as in her clothes:
/ their clothes


They were in a trance

here is another video of liza performing:

July 31, 2018


after having the BETA version of the explorer online, we got more and more reminded of the living archive project and started reading into it:


Merle Merle

A living archive is a collection of materials presented in a way that allows for the expression, exhibition, documentation, and preservation of a sentiment or movement in a particular community. This type of “archiving” is living because it is constantly updated with the current climate and consists of all manner of expression from documents of the past to creative expression through art to real-time feedback of the current period.

Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive


August 07, 2018


Install at the Living Room –> SCJF

Merle Hands


August 08, 2018





August 17, 2018

tea palmelund

Inspired by a close friend to Liza we are now looking into Terence McKenna’s fantastic recounts of experiences with psychedelic substances:


August 20, 2018


Findings for the WW exhibition