ENCORE EXPLORER is an archive for everything connected to the speedy life, milieu and music of LIZA’N’ELIAZ, a transgender speedcore DJ and producer from Antwerpen. The archival architecture has two levels: ENCORE REPORT and ENCORE ARCHIVE.

ENCORE REPORTS is a log format that documents the collecting and archival discussions. It contains a live log protocol between the ENCORE members, a video report for instant findings/ quick thoughts and a corresponding quick visual output.

ENCORE ARCHIVE is an open and ongoing archive of historical material from the internet and elsewhere in different formats: .jpg, .png, .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, href, .txt, <embed></embed>, .gif.

ENCORE EXPLORER is an archival format as a foundation for new works. It is a version of living archive, fed by all new production as well as a constant update of newly found historical footage.

As part of the artistic practice we will open the discussion about living archival formats: In August we are hosting 4 public speed core jour fixes (SPJF) in The Living Room at AIR Antwerpen as a start. Questions we have are:

– What methods can be used to make an archive alive? (New technologies, aesthetics, media, architectures, etc.)
– How can the authenticity of an archive be determined?
– Who was LIZA’N’ELIAZ and why is it important to de-fictionalize her past?
– Could LIZA’N’ELIAZ as a musical, visual + social radicalist introduce tools and strategies for future acts of resistance?
– How can it be connected against hate and fear politics in Europe?